Dotti Owens, Ada County Coroner

Leading the way with Experience, Compassion and Professionalism

“The citizens can be proud of your hard work, dedication, and leadership.”

National Association of Medical Examiners

“The Coroner is clearly a tireless advocate for the office and her staff.”

Jay  Stahl-Herz, MD

About Dotti Owens

Experience, Education, Community 


Over the last eight years in office, Dotti has moved the Ada County Coroner’s Office to a new level of professionalism and accomplishments that the citizens of Ada County can be proud of.


Thank you for your confidence in my leadership! – Dotti

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Medicolegal experience is essential for this position.  We, as taxpayers, should never accept a Coroner to be “just an Administrator.”

Our community deserves a Coroner with Real-Hands-On- Experience. Dotti has personally conducted thousands of medicolegal death investigations, provided court testimony, and completed death certificates with precision and accuracy. Her focus is on our deceased and those left behind.

16 Years Medicolegal Death Investigation

Boots on the ground. Personally completed thousands of death investigations.

Knowledge and experience to become nationally accrediated and certified.

Leadership that has taken the office to be recognized as one of the best Coroner Offices in the country.

What does a Coroner do?

A Coroner’s primary role is to determine the cause and manner of death in all homicides, suicides, accidents, and undetermined deaths that occur in their jurisdiction. Additionally, a Coroner can be called upon to investigate and determine the cause and manner of death in natural cases, as needed.

The coroner is responsible for locating legal next of kin and making that initial notification of death. The coroner is also responsible for protecting the personal property of the deceased until the legal next of kin can be located.


About Dotti Owens

As a lifelong resident, Dotti appreciates the quality of life we enjoy in Ada County. She is excited about what the future holds for her and her family.

Dotti was raised in Jerome with a family that loved to work in Public Service. Her parents were very active in the community with her father serving on the fair board and then serving Jerome County as a Republican County Commissioner. Her mother worked as a Pediatric Nurse for over 20 years, while her stepfather, a veteran, worked construction and is an English Major.  

Dotti graduated from Jerome High School in 1995. She would later attend College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls for her associate’s, Boise State for her bachelor’s, and Arizona State for her master’s degree.

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Ellen Smith, Attorney at Law

Ellen Smith, Attorney at Law

"A vote for Dotti Owens ensures knowledgeable, consistent and experienced leadership for the important office of Ada County Coroner. Ms. Owens has 100% of my support and my vote!"...

Leading with Compassion, Professionalism, and Experience.  Q&A with Dotti Owens.

Realize that this position is a matter of life and death, working for the living, by serving the deceased. Our staff are NOT "Worker Bee's" but are compassionate, professional, and knowledgable within their specialty. Please, do your homework.

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