Honorable T.J. Cole , J.D. PhD. M.A.

Honorable T.J. Cole , J.D. PhD. M.A.

Municipal Court Judge, Colorado
Ph.D., Secondary Education, La Salle University
J.D., University of Denver Law School
M.A., Judicial Studies, University of Nevada Reno
M.A., International Politics, University of Denver GSIS
B.A., Political Science, The Colorado College


The people of this county need a coroner that exhibits integrity, substance, and courage. This County needs someone with the experience and the talent to push forward and develop real programs and real solutions. Dotti Owens is someone who does more than flash credentials or talk about hypotheticals. Dotti has the courage to challenge the status quo when it means making the community a better place.  Dotti Owens has a ton of experience, and her track record has shown that she possesses the compassion, work ethic, and knowledge in her field. Time and again, she has demonstrated the ability to develop the types of programs that make this Coroner’s Office a leader in the Country. Her tireless efforts to keep the public informed about the Opioid crisis, and her development of a Suicide Fatality board show her intent to help the community even more. Dotti has also extended her outreach to other local entities. She works hard to keep Judges, Lawyers, police officers, and other community members informed about the key medical issues that impact the county. Quite frankly, Dotti is the only experienced choice this fall.

There can be no substitute to INTEGRITY, SUBSTANCE, and COURAGE. Dotti Owens is the only choice.

Honorable T.J. Cole , J.D. PhD. M.A.